Reviews For Crumbling Walls
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Title: 1/1 Reviewer: katekat Signed
I love this fic - short, sweet, and such a balm to my tortured soul (well, I felt like I was being tortured in the last couple of BtVS seasons). It's always lovely to read your work because it's so crisp and clean and fun (even when they're yelling at each other).

Author's Response: Crisp, clean and fun. Damn, that's a good compliment! Thank you!
Date: 30/05/05 - 10:42 am [Report This]
Title: 1/1 Reviewer: Queen Boadicea Signed
Well, I wrote a story in which they're locked in a room together with Buffy wearing scanty lingeries. *G* Then I read another one about them falling into an underground cave and sorting out their issues until the Scoobies (sans Spanky) come to rescue them the next morning. Then there's another one where they're trapped in a haunted house (I've read a couple of those) and one where they're trapped in alternate TV dimensions, a lush tropical island and Giles's mind, to name a few (not quite the same, I know, but very similar in terms of the Buffy-and-Giles-alone-together scenario).
Date: 26/05/05 - 06:50 pm [Report This]
Title: 1/1 Reviewer: Queen Boadicea Signed
I loved this story too. It's not the first story I've read about Buffy and Giles being trapped in an enclosed space but it's definitely among the more entertaining ones.

Author's Response: Hey, Bode! Thanks for the re-review! Wait, there's a "We're trapped, trapped I tell you!" sub-genre?
Date: 24/05/05 - 05:19 pm [Report This]
Title: 1/1 Reviewer: Fairfax Signed
Great dialogue, you really made the characters stand out. Fast paced and fun - well done.

Author's Response: Thanks, Fairfax! That's a real compliment comping from you.
Date: 23/05/05 - 03:43 am [Report This]
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