Reviews For Reflections
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Title: 1/1 Reviewer: mmooch Signed
Ironic last thoughts of Giles' there. Sure would have liked for him to have been close friends with Merrick in canon - or at least if he had been, have it mentioned. Merrick deserved to be remembered more on the show.
Date: 07/12/10 - 03:26 am [Report This]
Title: 1/1 Reviewer: whoser88 Signed
Beautifully written, as always. It's interesting when someone weaves the movie and the show together - plus elaboration on Giles' pasts is always a good read. I loved the irony at the end. Ah well, perhaps the "poor sod" who got that lost slayer shouldn't be pitied after all?
Date: 13/06/05 - 03:18 am [Report This]
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