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Title: NEW! The Gift of Life - Chapter 17a Reviewer: Queen Boadicea Signed
Thanks for continuing this book. I'd almost forgotten about the Noctarine what with the anxiety produced of having Buffy in a coma. Now I'm waiting for Giles to confess his feelings. (Frankly, I don't think he'll resent Spanky for speaking out about his. He'll just pity him because he knows he doesn't stand a chance. With the bond Giles has with Buffy, how could he? :D)
Date: 23/07/04 - 09:00 pm [Report This]
Title: NEW! The Gift of Life - Chapter 17a Reviewer: nellcat Signed
fab - what an amazing book - can't wait to read more.
Date: 22/07/04 - 07:28 pm [Report This]
Title: The Gift of Life - Chapter 17 Reviewer: Queen Boadicea Signed
Oh, a heartfelt talk between Giles and Spanky...why couldn't it have been between Xander and Giles? Xander is the one who has the insight into these things. He's the one who convinced Buffy to run after Riley! I hated this scene even though I have to admit it was well written. Oh well.
Date: 17/07/04 - 06:56 pm [Report This]
Title: The Gift of Life - Chapter 16a Reviewer: Adele Signed
Oh my god, I can't beleive I haven't given you a review - shame on me!! This is a very well written fic - both the plot and the characterizations! I have enjoyed all of it up until now, and I am sure I will enjoy the rest - I am soo ready for Gift of Love :D Keep it up!
Date: 16/07/04 - 06:10 pm [Report This]
Title: The Gift of Life - Chapter 17 Reviewer: Luce Signed
Oh, Phen, how could you stop there!? I nevernever read unfinished fic, so I'm counting on you to keep going! This is absolutely spectacular. I was in tears as Giles lay on the bed embracing Buffy's cold body. We never really saw greiving in the series, so this fills a gaping hole in the emotional arc of the story. Thank you!

Author's Response: Well, there's more on my harddrive which hopefully will see the light of day soon! Glad you liked my early chapters...they were just something I REALLY wanted to write from the moment I first saw the episode (The Gift) I was actually a little nervous as I wrote them long before I ever saw "The Body" (wow...seems like so long ago...less than a year! Oh, how did I ever get so absorbed in the fandom in such a short time!) and had a chance to see how Joss dealt w/that. (any comments you see about that ep were written later) Anyway, they were fun to write! Would you believe that I originally thought this story would only go on four or five chapters? (and I still haven't gotten to the main part of the plot that was the original idea *LOL* well, I will, soon enough!) Thanks! -Phen
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Title: Heartfelt Gifts Information Page Reviewer: Rumidha Signed
You are brilliant beyond words. I bow down to your superior writing skills. :). Seriously, this is so flippin' fabulous! Yay for you! The way you write your characters. You make Giles more human than you traditionally see in B/G fics, and it hurt a little to read that because I had gotten used to him being perfect, but I'm good with it now! Also, I have a question. Am I allowed to be pissed off at Willow? Or am I supposed to be sympathizing with her? As of now, I'm pretty ticked at her, and I don't see that really changing.

Author's Response: Flattery is, um, very flattering!

Glad you can put up w/my Giles. I know that of about three different personalities I write for him, this is my favourite. It's definitely a tad...dark, though!

As for Willow, be as ticked as you wanna be! *L* That's certainly allowed...still, I'd rather this happen than the debacle which was season 6...but, yes, I have been making her a bit of a feel how you like! Glad I can evoke a response ;^)

Date: 13/07/04 - 01:16 am [Report This]
Title: The Gift of Life - Chapter 16a Reviewer: Queen Boadicea Signed
It's not as if Spike can hurt anybody. In fact, just grabbing at somebody should be enough to make his chip go off. You do have it working in your story, don't you? I also want a positive sign from Giles and Buffy that Spanky has got ZERO chance of getting romantic with her. If you must have Sir Spanks-A-Lot horning into this story, at least give me that. Throw me a frickin' bone here!

Author's Response: Um...don't know that this last chapter really gave you the bone...will a personal guarantee from the author do?
Date: 23/06/04 - 07:32 pm [Report This]
Title: The Gift of Life - Chapter 16a Reviewer: Queen Boadicea Signed
Look, I don't care how forceful Sparky is. When Angelus wanted to see Buffy in the hospital, Xander held him off by threatening to sic security on him. Surely they can do the same thing now? Regardless of my earlier review, I don't want Spanky in to see Buffy any time he wants. (Let Giles have had the foresight to erect the barrier spell against him--and all other vampires. Please?)

Author's Response: Oh dear...*sigh* You prolly won't like the next chapter then *L* But we'll just have to wait and see!
Date: 29/05/04 - 07:11 pm [Report This]
Title: The Gift of Life - Chapter 16a Reviewer: Queen Boadicea Signed
Swell. Just as I'd resigned myself to a story low on Spanky interference, guess who shows? On the other hand, if he sees Giles getting all cozy with Buffy, that's bound to hurt...and Spanky in pain is something I can learn to enjoy. >:D
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Title: The Gift of Life - Chapter 16 Reviewer: Queen Boadicea Signed
Cradle-robbing drug addict...HA! :D
Date: 29/05/04 - 06:25 pm [Report This]
Title: The Gift of Life - Chapter 15a Reviewer: Queen Boadicea Signed
Wow! You have a real talent for rhetoric and imagery. I could practically see the struggle taking place as Giles and Willow tried to contain the fissure. The bit about Buffy thinking how her life would make for a funny TV show was hilarious and eerily on target. I loved this chapter and am looking forward to the others.
Date: 29/05/04 - 06:12 pm [Report This]
Title: The Gift of Life - Chapter 15 Reviewer: Queen Boadicea Signed
Hi! I'm back. Trust Xander to notice that people are hiding things. Giles and Buffy are withholding their true feelings; Tara isn't coming clean on just what's wrong with Buffy's aura; Buffy is doing the dance of avoidance about Spike (stake him! stake him!) and Willow is diving into the dark side. Right now Anya and Xander are the two most stable people of the group and isn't that a terrifying thought?
Date: 29/05/04 - 06:00 pm [Report This]
Title: The Gift of Life - Chapter 16 Reviewer: beadtific Signed
Yea! A new chapter! I really love where this is heading, Phen. Very fascinating. I'm a little worried about the magic syphon, though.
Date: 17/05/04 - 01:12 pm [Report This]
Title: The Gift of Life - Chapter 14a Reviewer: Ladyforash Signed
This chapter was a real gem, just like the rest of them. I'm curious as to what Willow is really doing, and I could empathize with Ashton in his grief for his friend.
Date: 30/04/04 - 06:29 am [Report This]
Title: The Gift of Life - Chapter 14 Reviewer: Ladyforash Signed
Personally, I love that your chapters are long. I love the "novel" version. This chapter was as good as the others, so I'm not sure what you were worried about. I think we actually had some B/G progression. I haven't read Peek yet. Think I'll go check it out now!
Date: 22/04/04 - 10:42 pm [Report This]
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