Reviews For Candy Man (1/3)
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Title: Buffy Meets Ripper Reviewer: Teri Signed
Hi, I really enjoyed this story. I am always a fan of Ripper tales and I appreciated that you didn't jump to the sex part. Joyce and Snyder were an interesting couple (the name was cute too). I liked the touches with Faith. I enjoyed Oz saying about time. In fact the only remote complaint I would have is not enough Xander. However, the story was so charming that even that can be overlooked. You did a nice job with this one. Congrats!
Date: 05/07/04 - 07:00 am [Report This]
Title: Buffy Meets Ripper Reviewer: Adele Signed
Gotta say - this was great to read! Hope to see more from you!
Date: 30/06/04 - 11:30 pm [Report This]
Title: Buffy Meets Ripper Reviewer: PhenDog Signed
*L* Wow! You had a lot of fun with this one...I found myself enjoying it quite a bit...particularly Giles' updated version of "The Speech" definitely some interesting backstory there!
Date: 22/06/04 - 09:31 pm [Report This]
Title: Revelations Reviewer: Ladyforash Signed
To be honest, I started this story with reservations. Boy, am I ever glad I decided to read it. It was great! I especially liked how you made Snyder likable! And of course, I always love the B/G happy smoochies of an ending.
Date: 22/06/04 - 08:24 am [Report This]
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