Reviews For A Council of One
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Title: Ch. 5 Reviewer: Gala Signed
I agree in everything with Sara. This is one of the best fics set in season 7 I've ever read. Not that there are lots of post s6 stories out there, which is sad, because, as "Council of One" proves, there's loads of brillian B/G material in there, waiting for authors to take Buffy and Giles relationship to a romantic level. Despite the lack of real physical romance (a.k.a. 'sex') in this story (something that bothers and disappoints many readers), we can clearly see Buffy and Giles move perfectly towards each other in a beautiful, trustful, platonic way. The flashbacks inside Giles' mind are awesome and vivid and his characterisation is strikingly Whedon-ish :D Oh and I don't believe the angst doses were exaggerated. I really liked the 'dark' mood of the story, as that only made the fic more convincing.
Date: 26/09/04 - 04:38 pm [Report This]
Title: Ch. 5 Reviewer: Sara Signed
I really loved this story, it captured the tension and the real fear of those days while preparing to defeat the First, and also gave an insightful glimpse into what makes Giles our favorite watcher. I highly recommend this one.

Author's Response: Thanks Sara. This is the story in it's original form. However, when I posted it before I omitted the scene with Angelus torturing/raping Giles, because I thought it was just TOO dark, and I didn't know if it really added anything to the story. I'm not sure if the story is BETTER with or without it. I would welcome feedback on that, if anyone would be so kind as to share their opinions. Thanks for taking the time to review. All feedback is appreciated! Kathy P.
Date: 22/09/04 - 04:10 pm [Report This]
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