Reviews For Chains To Bind Her
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Title: 1/1 Reviewer: Adele Signed
Once again, loved it - are there any possibilities for a sequel? I know, I tend to say no when others ask me the same because you have the story mapped out in your mind - and this story does not leave any lose threads - but it would be wonderful to see them some time later... ;D
Date: 19/05/05 - 05:10 pm [Report This]
Title: 1/1 Reviewer: Gilesbabe Signed
There are two kinds of stories that I like: 1) Stories that at the end I go 'Ah, yes." and 2) stories that at the end I go 'No, don't stop there, I want more.' This is a vey, VERY good story that fits into my #2 catagory. It is complete in and of itself, but I really wish there was more.

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you seems like a woefully inadequate response to your review! But Thank YOU! Maybe, someday, there will be more - if I can just figure out how to write it. Knowing you liked it that much makes my morning!
Date: 17/05/05 - 08:38 pm [Report This]
Title: 1/1 Reviewer: ElizaBuffy Signed
This is such a fabulous fic! It's angsty, yes, but it's not angst for the sake of angst. It's so well thought-out, and the ending is beautiful. I especially like how you avoid turning Buffy into the "badguy" for her relationship to Spike; it really made the story all that more powerful and real. I also liked how Giles was portrayed as being a fallable--yet not unforgivable--character. This was beautifully written. Thank you so much for sharing! ~e!

Author's Response: Thank you my dear one! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it!! And that you understood the contradictions. I have a lot of trouble with S6, so it's hard for me to write, but I'm also fascinated with it, because I think it showed both of their fallable sides. Anyway, thanks again! **hugs** kate
Date: 17/05/05 - 08:37 am [Report This]
Title: 1/1 Reviewer: Trish Signed
Awesome story! Yes, angsty, but a somewhat less angsty ending. I enjoyed it! Love trish

Author's Response: Thanks so much Trish! I figured I'd stick the 'major' in the warning since everything else I've written is kinda on the fluffy side. I'm so glad you liked it though! Your comment is very much appreciated! *hugs* kate
Date: 17/05/05 - 08:28 am [Report This]
Title: 1/1 Reviewer: Brent M Denny 21 Signed
An interesting story if a tad hard to follow and a bit confusing however i think i got the jist of it i'll give it a 5/10
Date: 17/05/05 - 01:41 am [Report This]
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