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New ratings system:

FRC Fan Rated Suitable For Children
FRT Fan Rated Suitable For Teenagers
FRM Fan Rated Suitable For Mature Persons
FRAO Fan Rated Suitable For Adults Only
To read more about the Fan Rated System go here.

Clarification of the submission rules:

Only Buffy/Giles fics.
No threesomes involving them (e.g. no B/G/X or F/B/G). Other B or G couples only if they are canon or with original characters and only if they are just at the beginning of the story with an eventual B/G end.
Other couples, convential or not are welcome, but please make a note in the headers for those who wish to avoid certain couples.

Please only submit beta-read fics, that is have someone check your grammar and spelling (or do it yourself thoroughly). Beta-reading often involves even more like checking consistency, characterization, plot, flow etc of the story. Any submitted story should be free of grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes and have recognizable characters from the show. (I am aware that even a thoroughly beta-read story can still have a little mistake that's been overlooked, but put some effort into it... your readers will thank you.)

What happens if you get a letter telling you, the story wasn't accepted?
If your story wasn't accepted, please go over it again, or better yet find a beta-reader to help you find the errors (it's always more difficult to find mistakes in something you've written yourself). Most likely there's just a few typos and missing commas. It does not mean I don't like the story or that the story will never be accepted! Just edit the story/chapter that wasn't validated and I'll take a look at it again. If you fixed the errors, your story will be added then.

The headers is something like the following (with the info for your own fic obviously). Bolds should definitely be in each story. Square brackets include some more info:

TITLE: Over her (2/?) [The numbers indicate part of a series, in this case the second part of an unknown number of chapters. This is not needed with one-chapter fics, but it's sometimes indicated as 1/1 then.]

PART: Warm Welcome [Only needed for a series, where each chapter has a title.]

AUTHOR: Gabriele Schulz

EMAIL: [You'll want to add this to get feedback. Be aware that you might end up on spam lists though.]

RATING: FRT (might go up)

DISTRIBUTION: Everyone who has my general permission. Others please ask first. [This is helpful for other archivists, who might want to add your story.]

SPOILERS: Up to Selfless [You should always have this unless the spoiling is clear from the summary and even then it's good to have.]

FEEDBACK: Love it. Especially if you like the story ;-) [You can clarify if you welcome criticism or even flames or whatever. It's not really necessary.]

SUMMARY: On Buffy's 25th birthday Giles visits Sunnydale, finally over her. Or so he thinks. [Please try to give the audience an idea of what the fic's about.]

COUPLES: Buffy/Giles, Willow/Anya, Dawn/OC (male), mention of Wesley/Faith, Cordelia/Angel [You should use this if you include non-B/G UC couples.]

WARNING: none [Necessary if you have something that people like to be warned about. See the option warnings below.]

DISCLAIMER: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Productions, Kuzui Enterprises, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB Television Network, and whoever else may have a hold on them. I do not mean to infringe upon any copyrights.

DATE: 11/06/02 [I like to add a date to keep track of when I wrote what. Most people don't do this though.]

Clarification on the options:

Season is clear. Post-Season means the fic is set in the summer or year after the season, based on what happened in the last episode of that season. (E.g. Giles looking for Buffy would be a post-season 2 fic.)
Future is anything that takes place a couple of years or more in the future from the moment you branch off of canon. E.g. Buffy and Giles meet again in 10 years or also Buffy and Giles meet again when she's 21, having never seen each other after she ran away in season 2. This last one plays at a time that we actually saw on the show, however from the season 2 POV it's in the future.
Past is typically about Buffy somehow ending up in Ripper's times, but it could also be about young teenage Buffy writing a poem about the man of her dreams (if you care to write something like that :)
Uncategorizable/AU is for the rest, e.g. Buffy and Giles are detectives in New York city or smaller changes to the universe as we know it, but with enough change to set it apart from the other categories. (E.g. a prom fic where Giles is still Buffy's Watcher would technically be AU, however the feel would probably still be very much a season 3 fic.)

I have only added the characters that appear in the category. If someone is missing, you can still point it out in your summary (e.g. Oz comes back in season 5 with interesting information on the Watcher/Slayer bond) or make a note. Beginning in season 4, all characters from Angel (i.e. Cordelia, Angel, Wesley...) can be chosen by selcting AtS characters. Just Giles and Just Buffy is in case the fic includes only one of them (usually you only check characters that appear in addition to Buffy and Giles, because in a normal fic there's at least Buffy and Giles).

G is safe for everyone, PG might have talk about some badness, relatively harmless fights, PG-13 can have discussions about death and more serious issues or innuendo, R is for actual sex and more detailed violence, NC-17 is for graphic sex or violence (if you get into the discussion of various body parts, you probably have NC-17)

These should be self-explaining. Friendship is only for those fics that don't even have Slight Subtext, otherwise it's a given. Heavy Subtext means that one (or both) of them is in love with the other but they are not getting together. Genres can be combined (like Romance and Humor or Heavy Subtext and Angst).

Please always use the unhappy ending warning if it applies. Most should be clear. Character Death is most important for regulars and good guys. A vamp who is killed doesn't need a character death warning (unless he's Spike or Angel). Mind Control/Possession is meant in a sexual context, i.e. a normal possession spell doesn't need one, however if it results in sex (especially between Buffy and Giles), you should use it.

If anything else is unclear, email me at