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Title: Lonely No More
Author: Nicole
Rating: G
Summary: Buffy muses on why she is lonely no more.
Spoilers: Chosen
Distribution: Want take have, just let me know where it goes
Feedback: A must
Disclaimers: I don't own them. They belong to the wonderful Joss, and Co. I just borrowed them.

Lonely No More

I'm standing out on the balcony waiting for my love to come home. We have been together for a year, and I still can't get enough of him. It still seems kind of weird that we got here after all that time. It seems like only yesterday that we defeat the first and Sunnydale became a big crater. Everyone was so unsure about what they wanted to do. We decided to take a trip to England and rebuild the "Council of Watchers".

Once we rebuilt and found new watchers as well as watchers in training, we went out separate ways. Willow and Kennedy are off in Brazil searching for newly called slayers, and probably having a little fun while they are at it. Xander is also traveling the world to find slayers. He is still grieving over the loss of Anya; even though they didn't get married he still cared for her deeply. Losing Anya really did a number on him, I can sympathize with that. Faith and Robin are in Cleveland with a hand of slayers guarding the hellmouth there. We keep in contact at least once a month; there was a lot of talking and understanding. We are now as close as Willow and I are.

As for Dawn and myself we settled in Rome. She is attending an American school here, and is top of her class. I always knew she was smart, but had to with a lot of things no teenager has to deal with. I want her to at least have a semi normal life since I couldn't.
Giles is in England at the moment taking care of some 'Council' business then he will be home. Our relationship was a slow one in the making, there was a lot of trust to be rebuilt, open wounds that needed to mended.

There was a lot of crying, yelling, and some pretty amazing mind blowing sex. He was my White Knight in shining armor, who lifted me out of the pit of despair. He helped me get over the disastrous relationship with the Immortal. Honestly what the hell was I thinking!? I should have learned my lesson from dating two vampires. I guess old habits die hard, or something like that. I was lonely for so long I was practically desperate, I didn't want to see the relationship for what is was for. I didn't see what was in front of me.

Now I 'm kinda glad I did being with him makes things in my life more bearable. I gave Angel that whole "Cookie Dough" speech, and I realized that cookie dough is okay. I mean how many people actually wait for the cookies to bake? I must have been caught up in my daydream, I didn't here the door open or close. I feel Giles put his arms around me and I know that I am whole. With him in my life I am lonely no more.
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