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Title : Best Friends Forever
Author : Catherine
Rating : FRT

Disclaimer : Joss owns all (BTVS characters).

Distribution: Everyone who has my general permission. Others please ask first (I'll probably say 'yes')

My response for the 4th allthejellies ficathon :
Written for fairfax_snark for the All the Jellies Themeless Ficathon

Assignment at the end.

*…* Thought


Giles woke up with a blissful expression, as he had every morning for the last month. Well, in fact, it had been the last three. The first two months of the summer had been wonderful, and the last just marvelous: it was the one month during which they had declared their love for each other and become lovers.

Giles hadn't been able to focus on anything that day. Not even his thriller book or his motorcycle magazine.

"Stop that…it's not like-What are you thinking, old man? I knew; I enjoyed every day of those two months; but I knew, I knew that there would be an end." He sighed.
It was the first day without her. Without her presence.

The first day of the College.

Every day of the summer, they passed together; sometimes with the others, but almost of the time just him and her. But it wasn't only the day; it was the evenings too, with dinner, movies, patrols…

"At least I have all those memories," Giles tried to comfort himself.

He was seriously thinking about to having a drink of scotch when there was a light knock at his door.

Opening it, he found Buffy.

"Buffy." He tried to not show his surprise and joy.

"Hi," she said, almost shyly, "May I-" she made a gesture with her hand to indicate the inside of the flat.

"I didn't know you needed to ask," he teased her, allowing her to come into the flat.
He closed the door, turning to her; something in her eyes attracted his attention.

"Buffy? Are you alright?" he asked her with concern.

"Yeah," she said in a small voice. "Well, not really," she whispered.

"Something's wrong?" he asked with concern.

"Well, first day, you know…"

"Yes, first day…" *without you* he wanted to say but instead he said, "…of college."

She nodded, then added, "Yes, that too," in a murmur almost imperceptible but Giles heard it.

"Do you a want a cup of tea?" he asked suddenly, feeling the need to lighten the atmosphere, which was very intense.

Buffy nodded softly.

Buffy sat on the couch, while Giles went to the kitchen to make the tea and prepare a tray.

In the kitchen, Giles couldn't keep himself from asking what was the reason for Buffy's state of melancholy and sadness; more importantly, asking himself why he had the impression, and hope, that maybe she could have felt the same today…*Maybe she missed me too,* he thought with an unconscious smile, but it faded quicker than it had appeared. *Of course, I can always dream,* he sighed.

Buffy was lost in her thoughts when Giles took the tray.

"Buffy?" he said gently.

"Huh?" Then seeing the tray, she smiled, "Thank you."
He served two cups and waited until for her to began to talk to him about what was boring her.

But after a moment, it was more than enough for Giles; he could be patient, but now his nerves were not cooperating.

"So…" he said.

She looked at him and replied, "So?"

Giles put his cup on the table, "Buffy,” he looked at her and tilted his head to one side, "I had the vague impression that you wanted to tell me something. Am I wrong?"

She blinked, took a deep breath and opened her eyes to look with such intensity into his that Giles thought it was their own souls who looked upon each other.

"Did…did you miss me today?" she finally asked.

Her question surprised him. He hadn't expected that…from her.

"Buffy," he tried to find the right words, "of course; we passed all these last days together; and…and today we did not. It's a change for us."

"I missed you too, Giles. More than you can think," she smiled. She took his hand in hers.

Giles looked at where their hands joined, *Beautiful sensation,* he thought, but he took his hand away from her. He saw a little hurt in her eyes, but she said nothing.

He got up and walked a little to put his emotions in order; then, after running his hand through his hair, he managed to say, "Buffy, it's normal, and I understand completely how you feel."

"Really?" she said; her eyes were brightening. Her voice seemed so happy.

He nodded, then continued, "Of course, I had the same thing when I began Oxford. It's new, a real change in the life, not like High school. It's totally understandable that…that you feel a little fear about that."

She shook her head, "No, Giles. It's not that."

"Of course, yes. Buffy. For now…I'm…you feel secure with me. To you I’m like…like a security blanket," he said painfully. And what he said after was more painful, "But as I told you, it's a new life where you can form new relationships."

There was no need to explain what Giles meant by 'new relationships'.

Buffy approached him and cupped his face in her hands, "But I don't want to form new relationships, whatever you think by that," she grinned.

He looked at her disbelief, and she added more seriously, "Not when I have you."

He sighed, "Buffy, I think you act like this because-"

"No, let me finish," she cut him off.

He nodded and stayed silent…the reason was he wanted to hear what she had to say and not because her statement had been an order.

She caressed his cheek, then said, "You're wrong, Giles. What I feel is not because of college and all that new stuff. Okay, in a way yes, ‘cause today I didn't see you," she grinned.

He wanted to say something, but she cut him off again by, "I didn't finish."

So he nodded.

"Giles, I'm so happy when I'm with you. These last months, I mean these last two months in particular, were the most wonderful of my life. At the beginning, I thought it was because we had stopped the Mayor and had had a big firework for graduation," they smiled at that memory. "I accepted Angel’s leaving very quickly; in fact, I know that it was the best solution. Even before he left, there wasn't anything except a dear friendship for each other."

Giles blinked in surprise and relief; even in his dreams he had never believed that she could say and feel that. But opening his eyes, looking in hers, he saw nothing but sincerity.

She waited a moment, knowing that he needed to be sure that what she said was real. Watching him smile, she knew that he had no doubt. He believed her.

"So, what I was saying…" she thought, and "Yes…but after some time, I realized that you were the cause of what I felt."

He was listening her very carefully.

"Giles; I didn’t mean to say it like that. I know what I'm saying. I mean, it didn’t really happen just today. When I wake up the morning, only the thought that I will see you makes me happy and full of courage. Why was this day was so horrible? Because I didn't see you. And I don't know how I managed to contain myself all summer and not rip your clothes and ravish you," she finished her sentence kissing his cheek, then added, "Don't you feel the same, Giles?"

"Bu…Buffy. I…I don't know what to say."

She pulled away, looked at him, feeling very insecure and in some way stupid. She hadn't thought about the possibility that maybe she was the only one to feel that.
She opened her eyes wide at that realization, and said, "Oh my…Giles, I'm sorry. I…" With that she turned her back to him and tried to not run towards the door.

"Buffy," Giles said aloud, but she didn't stop walking.
"Bloody hell, yes!" he yelled.

She stopped, turned slowly and looked at him with hope and fear.

He approached her, and with all his love for her, it was now him who cupped her face in his hands, "Oh yes; I feel the same, Buffy. How could there be another way? I…I lo…" He feared to say the words. "Today was misery for me without you."

She smiled and he was sure he had never seen her so happy.

Then, eyes locked on each other, they brought their lips together and they kissed for the first time.

They had both fantasized a lot about that moment, but it was nothing compared to the reality of their kiss.

"Wow!" Buffy exclaimed.

"Indeed," Giles chuckled.

Always each other’s arms, Buffy lifted her head to look at him, "Giles, you…you can say it. You know. ‘Cause I love you, too." She said with a big smile.

"I had the vague impression of that," he teased her.


"What?" he asked innocently.

"And you…" she retorted.

"Me what?"


He kissed her again, with passion.

When they finally parted, he looked at her and said with a serious tone, "I love you more than anything. You're my life, all I want. I love you, Buffy Summers," then he kissed her again.

"So that wasn’t a very long talk," she winked at him, "You know in some circumstances, long talk can be good and appreciated." she joked.

"So you want a long comment," he smirked. "Are you sure?" He kissed her again.

"No, you're right. Sweet talk is better. And I'm sure you have your way to show me how you love me, mister."

"Buffy, we don't need to rush-"

"Giles, remember the part 'contained myself all summer and managed not to rip your clothes and ravish you?'"

He nodded happily.

Her hands around his neck, she put her legs around his waist, and said, "I don't want to contain myself anymore."

"Me either love, me either."

With that he walked with her in his arms towards the upstairs, to their bedroom.


Giles was still lying in the bed, eyes closed, and he didn't hear her as she entered the room.

"I hope for your sake, that I am responsible for that smile and…hmm," she licked her lips.

"Always my love, always you. The one and only." He grinned at her.

"Always dreaming, baby," she said, kissing him.

When they pulled away, Giles looked at clock. "Buffy," he sighed regretfully, "you need to go; if not, it's certain that you will be late to your classes."

She kissed him again, then said seductively, "Willow will give me her notes."

There wasn't need for any other reason for Giles to take her in his arms and make love to her passionately.

"Will, you'll be late. You should go."

"No, I have another thing on my mind." Willow grinned before she provocatively kissed her lover.

"But Will, your classes!"

"Don't worry. I will ask Buffy for her notes."

"Hmmm, so in that case…"

End Part 1
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