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Title: Only Time
Author: Nicole aka slay4you1978
Summary: Giles tries to get over Buffy's death
Spoilers: Seasons 1-5
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Joss Whedon and Co. I do not own them, or intend to make money off of them. I am just using them for my own fun. I will put them back unharmed.
Distribution: My yahoo group, and my live journal and of course anyone who had my permission before. If you want you can have, just let me know.
Feedback: YES!!! If you don't I will hunt you down one by one
Author's Notes: The characters used in this story were not harmed while writing. This came to me at 2am and wouldn't leave me alone. If it doesn't make sense sorry.

Only Time

Giles sat in his apartment in a state of grief. They had buried Buffy today it was a sad day, no one took it as worse as Dawn did. The last blood family she actually had was gone. He resented Dawn for what she was; if it wasn't for her his Buffy would still be alive. He tried not to think, all he wanted to do was block it out momentarily, if just for a little while. So he poured himself a glass of scotch.

He never knew that there would be such a turn out friends, people who went to school with her and demons a like. Wanting to pay respects to the infamous slayer, who bested them time and time again. Who stopped many apocalypses from destroying the world. She went from an obstinate teenager to a woman who faced every day like it was her last.

It seemed like yesterday she came into his library and turned his world upside down. Turning her back on her destiny just wanting to be a normal teenager, but knew that was inevitable. He shuddered at the memory when she over heard him telling Angel

"If she goes and fight the master Buffy would die."

He remembered the look of desolation and grief on her face.

"I'm sixteen years old. I don't wanna die."

Giles shook his head at that image; she looked so beautiful in her dress for the prom. I couldn't tell her though.

He thought about how she had to fight the man that she loved when he turned into Angelus. She had to send him to hell. That made him happy, but it caused his slayer, the light of his life to run. He went crazy trying to find her he looked every where except for the one place he should've known. She came back he was so relieved; he wanted to take her in his arms and give her a hug. He was the only one who didn't give her any grief about her running away. He understood her completely, he too had rebelled.

Draining his glass again and refilling it he was lost in the memories. Angel returning, her keeping it a secret, the Cruciamentum, and Faith turning bad, The Prom. She looked so beautiful in her dress, all he wanted to do was tell her how good she looked, and it was that moment that he realized that he loved her. Wanting to have at least one dance with her, he bowed out and let Angel have that dance. He thought about when Angel was poisoned by Faith Buffy willingly sacrificed herself for the man she loved. He left anyway after they defeated the mayor. She was so broken hearted, and went through an emotional withdrawl.

Then she started college, a chance for her to grow and stand on her own two feet. He grimaced when he heard her say.

"Because you're old and gross."

She would never return the way he felt about her, she saw him as a father and nothing more. Then there was Riley, the all American Corn Fed Soldier Boy and the initiative. Buffy was just settling, but she had the fear of being alone. College was just a disaster waiting to happen. She was spending more and more time with Riley and ignoring her friends. But they all pulled together and defeated Adam. That summer they spent time together to make up for the neglect she gave him.

They were getting closer on so many levels except for the one that he wanted. Then there was the whole Dracula debacle and she asked him to be her watcher again. That made him so happy. Any time that he was able to spend with her was special to him. In a way they were like a couple especially after Joyce had died. They pitched in together to take care of Dawn. That made him happier than ever, to be a family with her. But all of that was thrown away when she sacrificed herself to save her sister and everyone else.

He drained his glass again and turned off the lights and headed up stairs. Hoping for a dreamless sleep. He would never get over Buffy Summers, she was his sunshine on a cloudy day. Only time will allow him to forget.
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