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Author's Chapter Notes:
Buffy and Giles grew much closer after Joyce’s death. The gang has accepted the change in their relationship (hey, this is our world. We can do what we want. *VBEG*). They aren’t a couple yet. That’s what we’re here to do. :D

This has been a long haul to get this here. We started this just before Christmas 2003 and finished roughly in Sept. 2004. This originated as an idea in chat. Why we were talking about this, I have no idea. Things like this are the result of people chatting after 2:00 a.m.
Chapter 1

The town of Sunnydale was celebrating. The majority of its inhabitants did not know what the joyous occasion was; then again, they really didn’t care.
The downtown shopping district came to life and people flocked in droves. An impromptu street party formed, adding to the enjoyment. All doors were open and the lights were on, except one.
The Magic Box stood silent and empty. Passersby looked through the windows and rattled the door to no avail. Those who tried to enter simply shrugged and moved on.
The usual occupants of the deserted store were elsewhere as they celebrated more quietly than the rest of the town. They were mentally and physically exhausted, but were reluctant to part company.
The heroes sat in the Summers’ living room, rehashing their victory. Junk food covered every flat surface and a movie played in the background. When the credits rolled on the movie, a voice rose above the others.
“Anyone sleepy? No one’s going to sleep, are they? Right?” Xander looked around the room at everyone as he got up to pop out the tape.
Buffy stood and stretched. “Xander, for the fifteenth time, no one is sleeping.”
“Well, I told you I think we’re tempting fate by doing this.”
“By renting movies and eating popcorn? I’m not sure that the gods of fate would be upset by that.” Anya replied.
“Some of you weren’t at the near massacre last year,” Xander replied. “You don’t know what it was like. There was a guy and he kept talking about cheese. We almost died.”
“You’re not making any sense. I didn’t see you get hit on the head the other night. Why don’t you get me more popcorn?” Anya held out her empty bowl.
“I live but to serve, oh light of my life.” Xander joked, as he took Anya’s bowl and tried to make a florid bow at the same time.
“Let me get it, Xander,” Buffy offered, rising up from her seat beside Giles. “I’m going to pop another big batch for all of us. Who needs more to drink?”
“Ugh,” Dawn wrinkled her nose. “I think I’m going to have to get some water. If I drink one more coke, I’m going to float away on a sugary river, and that’s saying something for me. But, I’ll help you carry stuff, Buffy.”
“Buffy doesn’t need help; she’s the super Slayer. After evil goddesses and hell dimensions, what’s a few drinks for her to carry?” Willow waved her hand, too content curled up with Tara in a chair to get up to help.
“Says the girl who didn’t have to swing the troll hammer,” Buffy replied dryly. “You try waving that thing around for a while and see how you feel in the morning.”
“Hey,” Willow protested. “I did stuff. Tara and I wore ourselves out putting up that barrier to help Spike get up the stairs to Dawn.”
“Xander and I helped too,” Anya interjected. “He was even too tired to have victory sex when we got home that night.”
“Yes, well, as taxing as averting an apocalypse is for one’s libido, I’m sure we aren’t interested in the details Anya,” Giles said pointedly. Trying to change the subject, he asked Xander, “What movie are we going to watch next?”
“Not to beat a dead horse, but again I say, maybe we shouldn’t put in another movie. We could play a nice rousing game of charades to stay awake instead.”
“Xander,” Giles replied with some asperity, “I explained earlier that we are unlikely to have the same sort of experience that we had last year. All of the research indicated that our dream was the result of our performing the joining spell with Buffy. The First Slayer was quite put out by that. We didn’t perform any such spell this year.”
“No, we didn’t,” Buffy said as she came back in followed by Dawn, both balancing replenished bowls of popcorn and drinks. “But Giles, I think we should keep that spell in mind around finals time next year. Some of your smarts would come in handy during my ancient civilizations class.”
“I see. I’ll be sure to put myself at your disposal.”
Buffy stuck her tongue out at him. “Just for that, no popcorn for you.”
“Fine, but I won’t let you sit back on the couch,” he teased back, putting his legs up across the cushions.
Buffy’s eyes narrowed as she contemplated her options. After handing out the remaining bowls of popcorn and assorted drinks, she moved over to the couch and plopped down on top of his legs. “I’ll just have to sit on you then.”
“Oi, what do you think you’re doing?” Giles asked as he tried to move his legs.
“Making you uncomfortable,” Buffy grinned.
With that, Giles stopped struggling. “I’m not uncomfortable; quite the contrary. I’d be delighted if you sat on my legs the whole next movie. Maybe I could lose all feeling below the waist as you cut off my circulation.”
With a whim born of pure mischief, Buffy couldn’t help herself, “Trust me Giles, if I chose to sit on you for any length of time, a loss of feeling below your waist would be the furthest thing from your mind.”
While Giles gaped at her, Xander started humming a jaunty tune and said, "At least you're not sitting on his...”
All heads in the room snapped toward Xander. At a sharp glance from Giles, Xander blanched. “Oh my God, that was out loud wasn't it? Okay, let's put in that next movie. We have Clue, or we can watch Return of the Living Dead.”
“Hey, no zombies that eat people’s brains. We’ve had enough of the brain issues to last for quite a while.” Willow frowned, shooting an anxious look at Tara.
“Yes, let’s watch Clue,” Tara said as she patted Willow’s arm reassuringly. “I love Tim Curry.”
“Isn’t Tim Curry the guy in that Rocky Picture movie?” Dawn asked.
“The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” Giles answered. “Yes, he plays Frank-n-Furter. I’m surprised you’ve seen that film.”
“A bunch of people from school went to the midnight movie and that was playing. I didn’t understand all of the throwing things at the screen and yelling that went on.”
“Tim Curry is very sexy in that movie,” Anya stated. “I don’t normally find men attractive when they’re dressed as women, but he makes fishnets appealing.”
“He does all right,” Giles sniffed. “I think my portrayal was a bit more flamboyant.”
“You were in Rocky Horror Picture Show?” Buffy looked incredulous. “Did the Council know? Did you have a tweed corset?”
Giles glared in response. “I was at University you know. I was in a production there. And no, I didn’t come out of the womb in tweed. I looked quite smashing in the corset and fishnets, or at least that is what the reviews said. I still have them packed up somewhere. Don’t even think about it.” The last was said in response to Anya as she looked between Giles and Xander speculatively.
“Really putting in the movie now, so all talking will stop,” Xander babbled.
Pushing play, he went back and flopped on the floor next to Anya. Willow and Tara snuggled further into the chair. Dawn grabbed a pillow off the couch and stretched out in front of the TV. At Giles’ discrete cough, Buffy lifted herself off his legs until he removed them from the couch. She then sat down next to him, put the popcorn bowl in his lap, and leaned her head against his shoulder. “It makes it easier to share the popcorn this way,” she whispered in response to his quizzical expression.
After a few moments, Giles put his arm across the back of the couch, not quite hugging her shoulders. At her sideways glance, he muttered, "Since I shan't be getting any other action…."
A raised eyebrow was Buffy's only reply as she turned her attention back to the television.
As the movie started to play, Xander tried one last time, “And remember-“
“No falling asleep,” everyone chorused back to him.
The movie began and everyone laughed along with the antics on the screen. Each made comments about their favorite lines. Slowly, fewer and fewer comments were made. Eventually, the only sounds in the room were the dialogue on the screen, and the gentle breathing of seven sleeping people.
Something was tickling Giles’ nose. He tried to move his head, but that didn’t make the sensation go away. Slowly, he awoke and realized that Buffy’s hair was the culprit. She had fallen asleep with her head on his shoulder. As he tried to move her to a more comfortable position, he realized that they were no longer in Buffy’s living room. Instead, they were in a large study in front of a large fireplace.
He nudged Buffy.
“I, too, drank the cognac,” she whimpered.
“Buffy,” he whispered. “Wake up.”
Buffy opened her eyes and looked at him. “I was having a really weird dream.”
“Well, it appears that we all might be having another dream,” he said.
“Look around.”
Buffy looked around the room. “Crap,” she said loudly.
At that, everyone started to wake up. Xander sat up and stretched. “I must have fallen asleep. Luckily this time…,” he trailed off as he took in their surroundings. “All right, let me be the first to say, I told you so.”
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