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AUTHOR: Phoenix the Firebird

AUTHOR E-MAIL: PhenDog@hotmail.com



In the aftermath of Buffy’s sacrifice, the Slayer and her Watcher find that sometimes the gifts we give can be even more profound and far-reaching than we intend them to be.


B/G—trust me, it’ll be a long wait, but it’ll happen eventually!, also cannon pairings: W/T, X/A, and suggestions of D/S

SPOILERS: Everything up through the end of Season 5.

TIMELINE: The Gift and the aftermath

CATEGORY: Angst, Romance, Action


To my Eliza-Buffy, who’s responsible for this nasty little obsession of mine in the first place, and who keeps me entertained and wastes all my time. She knows she’s the only person I can stand for long periods of time… Also to Slate who warms my lap, sings to me, takes me so many great places, helps me w/my homework, and made all my fic-writing possible…even if all I ever do for her in return is get her sick w/nasty computer viruses. (As I write this I am in the process of backing up all my files so I can lobotomize her and clean up the after affects of what I affectionately term the “Pornographic O/S Destroyer” virus. Poor Slate!) UPDATE!!!: Slate has been lobotomized and reincarnated, I am holding her hand through the healing process and in her honor (and because my Eliza-Buffy sent me the link to it) I've "borrowed" another strip from the Penny Arcade and attached it to here...If you love your computer give it a big ole smooch for me!


het, minor bloodplay, issues of suicide, issues of questionable consent, graphic violent description, character death (but then if you’ve seen “The Gift” you knew that…but trust me, the death isn’t permanent)—this list sounds pretty dire…trust me when I say that for better or worse, most of these warnings are way overblown, but I thought I’d better include them all to be safe.


I don’t own Buffy, Giles, or anything else except my beloved computer named “Slate.” (Obviously I don’t own them, or I’d own a lot more than Slate and you’d have to pay to read this.) The Buffyverse belongs to Joss, ME (yes I know, old joke), and a whole bunch of alphabetical TV networks, ‘specially now that it’s gone into syndication. Movie and TV show references belong to other people too, but I don’t care enough to list them here. Please don’t sue, I know I don’t have permission. Bad me. All my money went to bootleg X-files and Buffy episodes and Slate doesn’t want to leave me!

I particularly need to mention here, that the first part of the fic, “The Gift of Death” uses almost all of the dialogue written for the episode “The Gift” and is not of my own creation. The episode was written and directed by Joss Whedon and the credit for the lines used herein belongs to him and the various other agents covered throughout the previous disclaimers attached to this fic. Dialogue was obtained using the closed captions on the episode as broadcast in syndication by CBS (due to syndication, some parts of the episode may have been edited for time). Closed captions are provided by 20th Century Fox Television and are credited to: The National Captioning Institute (www.ncicap.org). The lines and scenes that have been added, and the thoughts of the characters are mine and mine alone.


Lay it on me at PhenDog@gmail.com. I am already endangering my grades by spending so much time on fanfic and other fandom, that surely I can deliver the death blow to my GPA by answering your e-mails! Good feedback will be treasured, printed, and taped on my wall. Flames will be treasured, printed in large typeface, matted, framed, and hung with care on my door for all to see. Either way, you’ll be encouraging me to write more!


Until this fic is finished I will only be posting it to Gabi’s new eFiction section of www.buffygiles.com. Once it is completed, I will give permission to all who ask (within reason) and will be submitting it elsewhere.


This fic, “THE HEARTFELT GIFTS SERIES” is the first Part of a larger series/story arc entitled “DESTINY’S SOULMATES” and is in three parts, each of which has several chapters.

The first part is entitled “The Gift of Death” and is a re-hash of the episode “The Gift.” If you are familiar with the episode, you may wish to simply skip this part of the fic and continue on to “The Gift of Life.” “The Gift of Death” was written for three reasons 1) as an exercise in Buffy fic writing for the author…I needed to do something to get a feel for the characters, 2) because the events of the “The Gift” are imperative to the full enjoyment of the rest of the fic; if you have not seen the episode you should definitely read “The Gift of Death,” and 3) because I needed to set up the rest of the story and was able to do so by providing many of the thoughts and motivations of the characters through this fic. Although the actions and dialogue are essentially the same as what you saw in the episode (the complete dialogue is included, but I have added a few scenes and lines) there is a lot of background that is filled in by the writing that was not necessarily obvious on the screen.

The original fic itself is contained in Parts 2 and 3 which are entitled “The Gift of Life” and “The Gift of Love” respectively. At the time of original posting these second two parts are not yet complete. I will be posting chapters periodically, though not necessarily as they are completed. If you like the story, please watch out for future postings.

Actual Buffy/Giles Romance will not be occurring until part 3, though there are definite heavy suggestions throughout. For those interested in the more NC-17y parts, I suggest waiting for the later chapters of “The Gift of Love.”


Since this is my own little AU universe anyway, I've taken the liberty of changing some things just because. Most of them are so small you probably won't notice, but if you do, good for you! If you REALLY feel the urgent need to point these out to me go ahead (hey, whatever it takes to get feedback, right?) but I'll just say it's intentional whether it is or not! *grin* An example is: I have Willow and Tara sharing a dorm room (at the end of Season 5) even though they don't in the Series (re: DVD commentary for 'Real Me'). But really....they might as well be!

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