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Giles could feel the sweat trickling down his back, and the ropes cutting into his wrists. Every muscle was screaming in pain, but that agony was nothing compared to the anxiety and fear he was lost in watching as Buffy became surrounded by ten of the Lossoga demons.

If not for the violent struggle, it would have been a beautiful setting, on a scorcher of an evening. The sun was beginning it's descent in a cloudless sky, and not even a hint of a breeze presented itself to cool Giles cut and burned skin. His every breath was torture as he strained to free himself from the ropes that lashed him to the tree, never taking his eyes off of Buffy and her battle in the middle of the gravel road before him. His jeans and denim shirt were in tatters, ripped and bloodied from the demons knifelike fingernails. He had been overpowered, then tied up to this tree, taunted, and told to watch as his slayer died.

It wasn't a fair fight, ten demons to one Slayer. So far, Buffy was holding her own, landing several roundhouse kicks to the head and chest of those surrounding her, at the same time acrobatically avoiding their vicious fingernails. But she was tiring in the heat of the desert, and the demon circle was closing in on her.

The sounds of the battle - skin hitting demon skin, grunts and moans, labored breathing, Giles anxious cries, Buffy's frustrated screams, and the demon growls - they were the only sounds....at first. Gradually, another sound pervaded the air. It was so faint and distant at first, that no one noticed. But then Giles's ears caught the sound. At first he thought it was just a buzzing in his ears, or an insect flying too close to his face. He tried to ignore it, absorbed as he was in Buffy's struggles, and his own battle with his bindings that only tightened on him more as he fought them. But as it got louder, and seemingly closer, Giles couldn't ignore it anymore. What was it? He strained to decipher it's source. A chainsaw perhaps? Were there more demons coming, with a chainsaw? His brain was foggy, and baking in the intense heat, but he struggled to recall his research. The Lossoga demons traveled in packs of a dozen. They had killed two before succumbing to this stage of the battle, and his research had found that this was the last pack, the last of the Lossogas that had gotten lost in this dimension. "Please...don't let there be more of them...Buffy!!!! Look out!" he screamed, as the demon behind Buffy grabbed her around the neck. They had her, and were coming in for the kill.

That's when he saw the source of the sound. It was a motorcycle, screeching and tearing at full speed, spitting up the gravel from the road. It was headed right at the circle of demons in front of Giles. The rider was clad in all black leather, boots, and a black helmet. And in the driver's right hand was a sword. Without slowing speed at all, the rider brandished the sword at the demons, first decapitating the one that held Buffy from behind, and following through it's path to take out two others on Buffy's right side. In the demon's confusion, Buffy stayed focused and pummeled her way through two others. The leather clad rider stopped the bike in front of Giles, pulled out a knife from the right boot, and tossed it at the slayer's feet. Buffy grabbed it, stabbed the demon in front of her in the heart, then backhanded the knife into another demon's chest. That left three Lossoga demons.

The biker dismounted and brought the sword down on the ropes that held Giles to the tree. Giles didn't know who it was, but he was grateful for the help. He rubbed his chaffed wrists momentarily and then took the knife handed to him from the biker's other boot. The two turned as one and stepped up to help Buffy fall the remaining three demons.

A Watcher, a Slayer, and a biker, were much better odds. Giles suppressed a smile at that thought as his knife found it's home in a demon's right eyeball.

When the battle was done, the three soldiers inspected themselves for damage. The biker was unscathed. Buffy was bruised, sweaty, and her face was dirt streaked. Giles was the worse for wear, but it was all superficial.

Buffy turned to the biker after reassuring herself that Giles was okay.

"Uhh...thanks..whoever you are?"

The biker removed the helmet to reveal long, curly chestnut hair that ringed down past her shoulders. Her brown eyes glanced at Buffy, closed off of emotion. She smiled crookedly at the Slayer. "You're welcome." Then she turned a hesitant, shy smile to Giles.

Giles rubbed his eyes, and looked at her face. "Deidra? Is it really you??? Deidra?"

"Hello Rupert. This must be Buffy."
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