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‘Why did everything have to fall apart now?’ Buffy groaned again, as she rolled to her side. Ever since the fiasco with Post, and Angel’s comeback was out of the bag, things had been going downhill from there. Especially with Giles. Everyone was pissed off at her to some degree. Except for maybe Oz…and Cordelia. ‘I don’t think she would care either way. Unless of course it involved her of course.’ Willow was being her usual concerned self, and Xander…well he was just angry like usual when Angel was ever thrown into the mix. But Giles…since that time in the library, he’d been keeping himself distant from her. It was like he had withdrawn into himself. His normal, ‘be careful’ wasn’t what it used to be. Instead of kind and caring, with the usual warmth that those two words were imbued with, they were a distant and a cold informality that were said, just because it was expected to.

“Uggh…” Buffy growled lightly, as she punched her pillow lightly. Lightly that is, well, for a Slayer. The pillow exploded in a burst of white feathers. Buffy sat up, blowing a feather away, that persistently floated back down onto her head. She grabbed angrily at the feather, which seemed to be taunting her, as it floated away. That night, she seemed to be having too much energy, and waaaay too many thoughts. She had to burn off some of this energy. That’s when times like these, it came in handy to be the Slayer.

Buffy ducked as the vampire lunged at her from behind, trying to catch her by surprise while she was busy with his associate. Buffy just grinned, as the familiar rush of adrenaline pulsed through her, as she spun a roundhouse kick and sent the vampire flying. There was nothing like getting rid of the itchy excess energy like kicking vampire ass.

Spinning around quickly, she caught the other vampire off guard as he was picking himself up. There was a flash of surprise on his face, before he suddenly exploded in a cloud of gray ash. Whirling around to face the other vampire, she found herself face to face with the other one she had kicked away.

‘Huh. I didn’t think he was that fast.’ Buffy thought idly, as she kneed the vampire, who doubled over at the unexpected attack with Slayer-powered force. He didn’t even have time to look surprise as he also exploded into a puff of fine ash.

“Well, I guess another night of holding back the ‘forces of evil’.” Buffy chuckled at the unexpected Giles-y quote that seemingly popped out of nowhere. She quickly sobered as she remembered the reason why she was out here.

“Oh, wonderful. I’ve got too many thoughts again.” Buffy complained, as she pouted into the night air. She smiled softly, as she remembered how she could convince Giles to do anything…well almost anything…with that pout. She still felt an excess of energy left over that was mixing with the adrenaline that was pumping slower in her system. ‘Well, might as well dust a few more while I’m at it.’ Buffy thought, as she walked through the cemetery, eager to find new prey to stalk, instead of doing an in-forced duty. All the while, a slight hum occurring deep in her, as she continued to stalk and hunt.

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