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AUTHOR E-MAIL: PhenDog@hotmail.com


SUMMARY: Four drabbles and a few sentences of Giles’ POV regarding staying around in Sunnydale Post-Season 5

[Response to Monday Mini-Challenge #25 on GilesRulesBaby: Giles makes a complaint.]


DISCLAIMER: None of it’s mine…and I’m really sad about it!

DEDICATION: To ElizaBuffy…for helping me shorten when I realized that Word’s word count counts things like “perhaps…see” as one word, and for betaing this in less than 10 minutes in IM! Also to the massive dearth of posting lately on efiction…where is everyone?

FEEDBACK: Of course! Lay it on me at PhenDog@hotmail.com


Having a place in this world is all any of us really wants, isn’t it? To be useful…needed by someone?

But what if you lose that which made you valuable?

Like that single sock that comes out of the drier after you pull out all the rest of the clothes and find its mate missing? What are you going to do with it, exactly? Hang on to it for a bit, perhaps…see if the other one ever turns up. But it never does, and eventually it becomes a rag, a dog toy, or just plain thrown away. It isn’t really a sock anymore, so you’ll never wear it on your foot again. It can’t be useful alone, and so long as it is alone, it’ll never be useful again.

Or the sad little jigsaw puzzles you see in their ragged boxes at yard sales, with “some pieces missing.” At the end of the sale, they’re still there. After all, who would want that? To put in the effort to construct the final picture and then find out at the end that it’ll never be complete? Why would anyone ever even bother taking it out of the box? It’ll always be imperfect…not quite right, and missing the last tiny parts that would reveal its final image—what it should have been, if only all of it was still there.

And those Christmas trees that people leave outside for the garbage man after New Year’s. They were alive once, lovely in the forest. Then they were taken inside, served their purpose, did their job for a little while. But now, it’s over, the pretty ornaments are packed, and there is no reason to keep them around anymore as they slowly die, the needles littering the floor. For a while, it was an essential part of the holiday. Now it’s just an ugly stick, sprouting in the living room, and reminding us that the joy of Christmas is over and gone.

What’s the point of hanging onto the bow of the violin when the instrument is broken? When the record gets scratched and has to be tossed, why wouldn’t you just throw away the album cover right along with it? The adapters for the electronics that outlived their warrantees and died can never be used again. When you had that which made them valuable, all these things were worthwhile. But now that half the pair is gone, something essential is missing, and their purpose is over and gone, they’re useless. There’s no reason to keep them around as so much clutter.

A Watcher without his Slayer? Now that’s just useless.

END: 06/06/04
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