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Disclaimer: I own nothing. I am not planning to kill Joss because he ended the show. OK, that last one's a lie.

To the tune of "I want it that away" Buffy hummed along as she walked into the library.
"Good morning, stuffy British man!" Buffy said smiling. Giles knew she was kidding.
"Good Morning Buffy. Did the hunt go well last night?" "Hunting? um...no I didn't kill any dear or pigs or wild game, but I did, however, slay 2 vampires." Of coarse, Giles was still learning and he had forgotten of Buffy's preference to the word "Patrol" over "Hunt".
"Yes, well, that's good news." Giles said, halfheartedly, looking around for a book a student had turned in earlier. "Yes, Giles, I'm fine, no, I'm not injured, and none of my outfits are permanently destroyed." Buffy said sarcastically.
"What?" Giles asked looking up a moment, "Oh, right, were your hurt?" Giles asked as he returned to rummaging. "No, I'm fine." Buffy said, unable to contain her grin. When she was around Giles she couldn't help but smile. It was the weirdest thing. Willow walked in. "Hi Buffy! Hi Giles!" Willow said, happy to finally be at school.
She thought her Mom's car would NEVER get her there. "Hey, Will. What's up? You sure are awake and alert today." Buffy said. "Mochas." Willow said with a grin. "Oh no, that's not good." Buffy said, laughing a bit. Xander came jogging in the door."Dear Lord,'' He said as he struggled to catch his breath. "Xander, what is it?'' Willow asked, slightly concerned.
"I was walking in the building this morning, and Miss Barton told me that my shoes have been banned at school, because they scuff up the floor. But I don't have another pair of shoes, and they'll give me detention if I don't change them, and if I have detention I wont get to hang with you guys here after school." Willows eyes went wide at the mention of detention. To her it was a fate worse than death. "So, I ran, and she chased me, and she's really fast for an old person. Anyway, she's still after me, you have to hide me!" Xander finished.
"Right, we will." Willow said, then Buffy said "Go hide in the stacks." Miss Barton walked in at a brisk and scary pace. "Where is he?" She asked. "Where's...who?" Buffy asked, faking uncertainty. "Mr. Xander Harris. I know he's in here. He'll see a semesters worth of detention for this." Willow looked a little panicked, "Xander? Haven't seen him. Wait... I don't even know him. Who's Xander? I don't know." Buffy gave Willow a look that said "what are you?" and then she said "Sorry Miss Barton, havn't seen Xander since yesterday. But if I see him and then I see you, I'll tell him to run the other way."
"What a delightful child," Miss Barton said with a clear "Wicked-step-motherly" distaste.
"Mr. Giles, are these children telling the truth?" Buffy looked at him, slightly panicked. She actually thought he'd...what was the phrase? Rat her out? Something like that. "Well, in all likelihood, Miss Barton, they are. Mr. Harris isn't here, and I haven't seen him all day. But if you find him, do tell him he owes me five dollars for an overdue library book." Clearly Miss Barton doubted Giles, but she accepted his answer on account of the bell ringing, signaling class to start.
"Get to class, both of you." She said as she walked out the door. Buffy sighed in relief. "Xander, you can come out now!" Willow called. "Oh my God, Giles, you covered for us. I thought you were, like, incapable of deception." Buffy said as she took a seat in a library chair.
"I'll have you know that I can be very...deceitful when called upon." Giles said sitting across from her. "Thanks Giles, if I got detention my parents would...not notice, but I'd feel bad." Xander said, sitting by Giles. "Right, and if it helps, I'd be disappointed in you." Willow said, sitting by Buffy. "Right. That...uh, doesn't help, but thanks for the added pressure." Xander said. "I was just trying to help, no need to get grumpy." Willow said, pouting. "Don't you love Mondays?" Buffy asked Giles wryly. "Indeed." He answered taking his glasses off to clean them.
"So, any monsters trying to kill Buffy right now? Cuz ya know, we could help them" Everyone looked at Xander. "What? For a price." Giles paused, trying to forget that last statement...no trying to forget Xander altogether, and then went on. "No, no monsters as of now, but I'm sure one will turn up soon." Giles said. "Yeah, just think positively." Buffy said. "Well, I don't mean I want one to, but in all likelihood" "One will. i know, I got it. One girl in all the world, chosen to fight brain-dead dead people who hatch ridiculous plans that never work to kill her." Buffy said rolling her eyes.
"Hey! that could be added to the description of a Slayer!" Xander said. "I don't think that's official enough." Willow said. "Oh, come on, Slayers don't care about "Official'' stuff. not if they're anything like our Buffy." Xander argued. "Well, as it is, Buffy is quite unique. Most slayers are born and then are given up by their families to live with their watchers and train with them until they are called." Giles said, trying to impose on these colonials some form of knowledge.
"Well, Gee, maybe that's what you've been doing wrong." Buffy said standing up, "Come one guys, we've got classes to catch." The three of them walked out talking about...some boy band...BackSync boys? No, that's not it.
Buffy walked back in to the library during her lunch period. "Hey Giles. I'm here and I'm ready to train." She said happily. "What about your lunch?" Giles asked, walking out of the stacks.
"Lunch is for the weak." Buffy said. "Yes, I believe you also say that about Sleep, School, and...oxygen?" Giles asked. "Sometimes that's true. like when you're swimming. Oxygen is for the weak." "You are a very strange girl, you wear very strange clothing, but you are my slayer and I love you." Giles said, more to himself than anyone, while putting a book on a shelf. "What?" Buffy asked, not believing her ears. Too late to take it back, Giles tried to compensate, "You are a very strange girl, you wear very" "No, no, I heard that part. You love me?" Buffy asked, smiling a bit. "Well,...yes, to be quite honest, I do. You are very charming, you are very witty, and your hair, to be frank, is very soft." "No, i don't want you to be frank. I want you to be Giles. Cuz if you're frank then I cant tell Giles that I love him too." Buffy said, looking anywhere but at Giles.
"You...you do?" Giles asked, moving closer to her.
"Since when?"
"Since...Catherine the magnificent tried to presto me into oblivion, and you completely pulled a superman, and then Clark Kent-ed it afterwards."
"Since When?" Giles repeated.
"Since Amy's Mom tried to kill me and you saved me and didn't make a big deal of it." Buffy said, grin growing wider.
"Now wasn't that easier to say?" he asked, moving even closer to Buffy.
"No. it was about the same. it was just easier to understand, for you." She said.
Silence ensued, but it wasn't awkward, it was peaceful. Finally Buffy closed the distance between she and Giles by giving him a hug. Giles melted into her embrace. He loved the way she felt around him. Finally he pulled away.
"Buffy, it pains me to say this, but as long as we're in Sunnydale this isn't going to work." Buffy stared at her feet. He was right. "But, I'm never going to escape Sunnydale." She said, hoping he had an answer. "Well, perhaps if the town imploded." He said, smiling hopefully. "Check," Buffy said, "make Sunnydale into Grand Canyon, Jr. It's been added to Buffy's "To Do" list. I'm on it." She said. "Yes, but until then, this will have to do." Giles said, pulling her into another hug. "Promise me, though, that if...when we leave Sunnydale, you and I can " "It's a promise." Giles said.

Seven years later

"You're not the one and only Chosen anymore. Just gotta live like a person. How's that feel?" Faith asked, happily. "Yeah, Buffy. What are we going to do now?" Dawn asked.
Buffy, looking out over the Canyon of Sunnydale, suddenly smiled, remembering Giles' promise.
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