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Buffy rolled over. It was the middle of the night and she was feeling awefully antsy. She looked around her room in the dark. Same room as in high school. It really hadnt changed that much. Giles opened his eyes and looked at her. "Buffy, Love, are you having trouble sleeping?" He asked. "No...well, sorta. It's just, I dont want any more nightmares. I'm tired of the bad dreams." She said rolling on to her side. She loved sleeping next to Giles every night. If she had to live with the nightmares, atleast she had him to wake her up from them.
He sat up and she followed.
"I understand. Why dont we move downstairs and watch those horrifying cartoons you're so fond of?" Giles offered, willing to do anything to get her to fall asleep, so that he could too.
Buffy sighed and nodded, sliding out of bed. She felt really cold. She had felt cold since she...well, her body was probably still adjusting. She probably wasnt a perfect 98.6 degrees yet, but she'd get there. Hopefully. Atleast, Giles said she would. She pulled a small blanket off of a near by chair and wrapped it around herself as she walked downstairs. Giles followed, feeling a bit warm, actually. He wasnt used to having another body next to him at night. He liked the feeling, he especially liked the fact that Buffy gave him that feeling. Giles was hers, and she was his home. He turned on the T.V as Buffy slid on to the couch. Giles came over and sat beside her. She spread herself across the couch so that her head was in his lap. He stroked her hair as they watched Doofy and Ronald Duck (names changed to protect the innocent) on their crazy adventures. Within minutes they were asleep.

They were at the Magic Box. It was raining outside, and it was just the two of them. "Who's dream is this?" Asked Buffy, noticing that she was in the outfit she wore on her first day at Sunnydale High. "I'm not sure. Maybe both of us?" Giles answered. "Is that even possible?" asked Buffy, moving accross the room to sit at the table. She was purposfully distancing herself, and Giles knew it. "Ah, well, I suppose. Our Watcher/Slayer bond is enormously powerful now. I'd expect that very soon we'll be experiancing telepathy." Said Giles, taking off his glasses and cleaning them, surprised to find himself in tweed. Buffy looked at her reflection in the glass of a nearby cabinet. Everything was the same, even her hair. She looked at the ring on her finger. "That'd be cool." She said. She lost herself, for a moment, in her reflection. It was the reflection of a happy girl, hardly altered by the life of slaying. Well, hardley altered compared to now. Where had that girl gone? Giles noticed her gaze and walked over to her. "She's still in you somewhere Buffy." He said, hope and sadness in his eyes. She looked up at him, but there was no hope in her eyes. Only the sadness. Only the pain. Giles took off his tweed jacket. "It's a bit warm." he said, quickly changing the subject. "I'm cold." Said Buffy. Damn, subject change just wasnt happening, was it? Giles sighed and put his jacket around her. It was a symbolic gesture, and it's true depth may never be revealed. She hugged the tweed close and closed her eyes. It smelled like him. "When we wake up" Buffy said, not opening her eyes. Giles moved closer and put his arms around her, so at least physically she wouldnt feel the inevitable loneliness. "Yes, what is it Buffy?" He asked, kindly. "When we wake up, will you"

"Buffy! Giles! Up and Adam! It's time to face the spine-tingling horror that is the day!" Xander's voice shouted.
Oh yeah. Xander and Anya had slept over last night. yay.
"We're up!" Buffy replied, shouting all the way across the house.
”Good on you!” Xander called back.

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