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Title: Kiss the Bride
Author: Kat_the_Vampyre
Rating: R for Character death
Disclaimer: As ever they're not mine. BtVs belong to ME, Joss Whedon, fox etc.

Buffy looked radiant as she walked down the aisle. Giles, standing patiently at the alter, literaly felt his heart stop for a moment as he saw her gliding down the church, angelically dressed in her wedding dress, golden hair shining through her veil. As the priest said the vows Giles could barely remember what he should say, he couldn't stop staring at this woman who would be his forever,
"You may kiss the bride"
but as Giles bent down to finish the ceremony the peace was broken. Stained glass rained down on the congregation as demons and vampires burst into the church, slaughtering the guests. Buffy fought hard, protecting her family from the world she lived in every day but which they had never seen, as Giles turned from his fight to see how she was doing he saw a vampire holding her close, teeth already bared against her neck.
"NO. God No." He screamed sprinting to catch her as she fell from the vampires arms to the cold church floor.

Giles woke sweating, "Just a dream, just another dream."

When the morning came he went as always to replace the flowers on the grave.

"Buffy Summers, beloved Sister, friend and Wife.
She saved the world - alot"
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