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Disclaimer: As ever they're not mine. BtVs belong to ME, Joss Whedon, fox etc.
Notes: This was inspired by a Indigo girls song. Can't remember what it's called though!

"Hi Giles" the voice on the other end of the phone greeted him.
"Buffy. what a lovely surprise. How are you?"
"Not bad. Same old stuff, you know?"
"Yes. I know." He replied, the amusement carrying down the phone as they both thought how silly the answer was coming from Buffy.

There was a pause on the line as they both considered what to say.

"How's Dawn? The others?"
"Fine. Don't see Anya too much any more since the non- wedding, but apart from that fine."
"Yes. It was a shame to hear about that. Poor girl but what will be will be."
"Yeah" Buffy replied allowing the pause to return.

"Um, How's the museum?"
"Good, good. the people are nice, don't see much of them out of work though, they wouldn't understand."
"No they wouldn't."

Another Pause

"Well, it was nice to talk to you but I should go."
"Goodbye Buffy"
"Bye Giles"

As they hung up the both cursed themselves for the things they wished they'd said, should have said. But it was so hard to find the connection with all this distance between them.
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