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Stating The Obvious

Part One

Author's Note: This is the only Buffy/Giles fic I've ever written. I'm a fan of the ship, but when I write it's pretty much all Xander/Willow, or Xander/Somebody at least. This idea came into my head years ago, though, and lurked at the back of my brain until I wrote it down. Fic ideas are like that, as everyone knows.


"I don't think they're here," Willow said.

"I guess not," Tara agreed. "Should we leave a note?"

"Nah. We can just call later. Weird, though. I thought Giles said they were going to be over here training tonight."

"Maybe they went patrolling?"

"Could be. Oh, well. Feel like dinner back at the dorms?"

"Sure. I think it's Swedish meatballs tonight."

"Yeah?" Willow asked. "Does that mean Inga the Swedish Masseuse will be available tonight?"

"Oh, ja," Tara grinned.

"Cool! Let's go, then."

Willow held the door for Tara, then surveyed the room one last time. After a moment, she shook her head and followed her girlfriend into the night.

The house was silent.

Until the closet door creaked open just a crack.

"Are they gone?" Giles whispered.

"Looks like," Buffy said, opening the door and stepping out. "I told you we should wear some clothes downstairs, just in case. But did you listen?"

"You were right," Giles conceded as he emerged from the closet. "I should have listened to you. Can you ever forgive me?"

"I suppose," Buffy said with a smile, "but only if you promise to never ignore me again.

"Of course," Giles assured her as he pulled her into his arms. "But really, what can I say? I didn't want to get dressed, and I most certainly didn't want you to get dressed. I prefer my Slayer au natural."

"Good answer," Buffy said, reaching up and pulling him down for a kiss.

When they broke the kiss, a good while later, Giles said, "You were right about the clothes, actually. Or at least that we should be careful. That's what, the third time this week we've almost been found out?"

"Fourth," Buffy corrected him. "You forgot making out in your car at that stoplight when Mom drove by. Or maybe it is three. I'm still not sure that was really Spike in the movie theater Sunday night."

"Either way," Giles said, "we have been rather lucky with all this. I'm frankly amazed that no one has figured it out yet."

"Definitely. Especially since everyone keeps using your spare key to just barge right in."

Giles chuckled. "I recall you doing the same on more than one occasion. And what was I supposed to do, tell them they were no longer welcome without knocking? You know it would hurt their feelings."

"I guess," Buffy said. "We could come up with an explanation, maybe?"

"Certainly," Giles said. "I can hear it now - 'Buffy and I have been shagging each other senseless for over a month now, and you lot have been popping 'round at some rather inconvenient times.' Do you suppose that would work?"

"If by work you mean 'give them a heart attack,' then yes, I think that would work. I guess we'll just have to keep with the sneaky shagging until we figure out how to tell them, huh?"

"I suppose we will," Giles agreed with a smile. "And speaking of shagging..."

"Again?" Buffy asked. "You're an animal, Giles. Or a machine."

"Are you complaining?"

"Not me." She grabbed his hand and dragged him up the stairs to the bedroom.

END 1/7
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