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This fic was written for Rainne's birthday.

And Michelle, thanks for your support and for the beta.

(*…* thoughts)

It had been a long day, Giles hadn't been able to focus on anything today, except about what the day was.

It was June (yes, I know but for the fic it's June! *g*), and tonight was the shortest night of the year, the summer solstice. But for a couple like a watcher and a slayer, it was more than that; it was a celebration. *But after what I did to her…I'm sure she doesn't even think about, or wouldn’t want to hear about that or me, and I'm not even her watcher anymore. I know she said that - whatever the Council said I am - but I doubt about it. Not that she wasn't sincere, but how could she forgive me when I can't forgive myself for what I done. How I could have done the Cruciamentum to her! I know months have passed but-* Giles sighed.

He stayed here, outside in front of his door. Taking a deep breath he opened the door…

Coming in, he blinked several times, took away his glasses, rubbed his eyes, then opened them again. *No, it's real…* he thought, astonished.

Here, in the middle of his flat, were candles, but not only that, the table was posed in…a romantic way. Soft music could be heard, and a smell from the kitchen, well like Giles thought, a very good smell from the kitchen gave a sweet smell to his flat.


"Bu-Buffy!" He was completely surprised in fact, not totally, cause he didn't wait someone, except…her, like always.

When he posed his eyes on her, he could see how she was beautiful. To him, she was always, but here, tonight, in his flat, in the dance of the candles, she was just…beautiful.

Watching his surprise, no shock; Buffy couldn't help but giggle with pleasure.

"What-" he cleared his throat, and tried again, "What are you doing…here?" he finished in a whisper.

Looking at him, Buffy saw it wasn't a reprimand. He was very uncertain of her reason of her presence here, she believed even see a little fear in his face.

Facing him, his expression, she said simply, "You're late." It was more a statement than a reproach.

"Hmm?" was the only song Giles could manage to express.

"I’ll return to the kitchen before our dinner explodes," she said naturally.

"Explode, Buffy!?!" Giles raised an eyebrow at her, then added "How could a dinner explode?" he chuckled.

"Giles," Buffy grinned, "it's me Buffy. Buffy, kitchen and dinner."

"Yes," he nodded with a smile, "the explosive combination. I remember," he teased her.

"Giles." she pouted. "When will you forget the little incident with the popcorn?"

He pretended to think, then answered, "Never. And incident, Buffy?"

She raised her arms in the air, "Okay, incidents," she said with exaggeration. "So, now can I go to my kitchen to supervise our dinner before it's too late!" she pointed.

He put his hand towards the kitchen, "Of course."

"Thank you."

Then, something hit him, "Buffy? Your kitchen?" he asked incredulously.
"Yes, My kitchen," she smirked to him and went to her kitchen.

Giles looked at her, after that 'new' shock, he was very amused by that situation.

Several feelings crossed him; the first was shock, then surprise, amused, glad to see her but too fear. Fear that it would be in reality a joke from his mind. It was so difficult to believe she was here, really here, tonight, this night, but she was, and she had prepared everything.

Buffy watched from the kitchen. Their dinner was almost done, just one or two things and *It's ready.* She smiled to herself.

"Giles!" she called him.

He was brought out of his thoughts, "Yes?"

"Dinner is ready. You should go upstairs to put on something more comfortable," she said with a mischievous glare.

Looking at her, he lightly shook his head, *No, I'm dreaming again.*



"Upstairs, shower, jeans and shirt now, then dinner," she persisted.

"All-all right." With that he went upstairs, completely surprised by that situation and Buffy.

After a moment, Giles appeared in the living room. Another surprise hit him — Buffy.
She had changed her clothes, and now she wore a delicate black dress, with a
V-neck very…very; Giles couldn't stop himself looking at her.

She laughed with pleasure at his attention, and grinned. "You didn't think I cooked with my clothes for the evening?"

"N-No, of course." Regaining, well trying, some posture, he said, "You're breathtaking."

"Thank you. I'm glad you like it. In fact, it was the reason." With that, she turned on herself to show him how breathtaking she was.

"Like it's under the reality, Buffy."

"You're too sweet."

"The reason?"

She nodded.

"Buffy," he began, not really certain how to proceed, "I’m enjoying immensely…well, that, but-"



"You think I could really forget what day, well, night we are — or…Oh my! You think I didn't want…Giles!" She was a little upset, and pursued, "How Giles? It's the night of the watcher and the slayer, our night; the celebration of all the watchers and slayers of the past, and for us, who are active, it's…it's our anniversary too."

"I know that, Buffy, but Wesley-"

"Is not my watcher! He's Faith's watcher, not mine. He was never mine; he knows that. You're my watcher not cause of stupid men in black from the Council, but my watcher by destiny. We're destiny to each other Giles. When will you understand that!"

Buffy tried to calm herself.

"Me! Buffy! I know that…but how can you after-"

"I love you."

"-what I’ve done to you?"
"I love you."

"How can you forgive me or-"

"I love you."

"-even spend this night with me? I mean," realizing how that sounded, "not-"

"I love you."

"-well, not in that way." He blushed.

"Giles," Buffy sighed, "did you listen to me?"

"Naturally," he answered.

"So, what did I say to you for the last few minutes?" she frowned.

He thought, then, "That you lo-lo-" He realized what she had said.

"That I love you!" she finished for him.

"You-you love me?" Giles couldn't believe his ears.

She nodded.

"Bu-Buffy," he took a very deep breath, "Do you say that in a way you love me, love me? Or that you love me?"

"Okay; so, you want to play in a uneasy way." She stopped a moment to collect her thought, trying to find the right words.

Giles, he was just looking at her and the only thought he had was *Duh!*

"Giles," Buffy began, "I will say it a better and shorter way, so you have interest to really listen. Okay?"

He nodded.

"I love you in the way I'm in love with you," Buffy said. *Clear, fast, short, no words unnecessary,* she thought, pleased with herself. But looking at him, *Maybe a little too rapid after all.*

"Hmm, Giles?"

No response.

"Giles?" she tried again, and after three Giles and a little squeeze on his arm, Giles said, "I'm dreaming, right? A demon knocked me on my head again, and I'm dreaming."

This time she slapped harder on his arm, "Ouch! Buffy! Why?"


Giles stared at her, "I'm not dreaming, and Ouch!"

"No, you're not," Buffy said with the biggest smile he has never seen, "Giles, you're my watcher, friend, the man that I love more life itself and…hope soon my lover." she said with a wink and a suggestive voice.

"Buffy, are you…are you under a spell?"

"Yes, I am." She approached him, her lips just a few inches from his lips, and said in a whisper, "Yours."

Giles couldn't look at anywhere except her. Her words had not only caressed him physically, with her little breath, but his soul too. He couldn't breath or think, he wanted her, felt her lips on his, felt her body under him.

Buffy waited, she wanted him to take the next step like she had done. She licked her lips, looking in his eyes, where he could see the truth.

Seeing it, Giles couldn't prevent himself, he erased the distance between their lips to capture hers in a powerful and passionate kiss. They were in the arms of each other.

Some moments later, they stopped kissing, always in the arms of each other, caressing her back with tenderness.

"I love you too Buffy, more than I could say. But-"

"Don't say you're too old. Cause you’re not! You're the most wonderful man I know, and I don't let details like that stop me loving you."

"So, if I understand correctly, I have no choice." He was amused.

"Exactly, mister. No choice, you're stuck with me like Wesley is with Faith."

"Wesley and Faith, I didn't see that coming."

"And you were lucky not to spend the entire day with them. Believe me! They couldn't stop touching each other, and don't talk about the training!"

"Really? Strange, I didn't think they could be-"

"But they are, and not from today."


"Oh! Oh! I didn't say that loud right?" Looking shyly to him, "I said it!"

"But, since-"

"Giles, it's their destiny to be together like it's ours to be together. And they are not stubborn like a certain watcher that I know." She grinned.

"And a certain slayer that I know too," he teased her, she pouted and added, "But it's me who made the first step. And talking about the dinner…Giles, what are you doing? Put me on the floor!"

He shook his head before said, "And it's me who makes the next step."

Seeing his Ripper's grin, Buffy giggled.

In his arms, he took her upstairs to make their celebration…

The End
January, 20th 2005
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