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DISCLAIMER : Joss owns all (BTVS characters)
The others are mine *g*
DISTRIBUTION: Everyone who has my general permission. Others please ask first (I'll probably say 'yes')

Mega Thanks to Phen for the beta

To Michelle


Here's the scenario:
Giles comes back to Sunnydale after being away for several months. He walks in on Buffy breastfeeding a baby, but he never knew she was pregnant. How do they deal with the situation?

Two options for the story:
1. Giles and Buffy got together before he left town, but Buffy didn't find out she was pregnant until after he was gone.
2. Someone other than Giles is the father, but left Buffy to raise the child by herself.

I imagine this taking place in season six, but any time after the
beginning of season four would be good.

It would make me happy if the story included:
- Giles talking baby talk to Buffy and/or the baby.
- the baby being named (middle name is fine) after Giles (even if he's not the biological father)
- a happy Buffy/Giles ending

That's it. Have fun.

Just one change : Buffy feeds the baby with a bottle-feed.

(*…* thoughts)

Part 1

"Eleven months, Will; eleven, without a phone call or…or a card. Not even for my birthday. Not one word. And you would want me to tell him? Why? So that he would feel obligated? I don't want that. I want his return, of course, more than anything, but I want him to come back because he wants too, not because he feels obligated." Buffy went to her kitchen, hearing a noise. "Dawn! What happened?"

Seeing her, Willow knew that the discussion was over--one more time. Since his leaving, she and the others had tried, lightly at first, with some allusions; then, more directly. Each time, it was the same response and attitude from Buffy. "No!"

But while Buffy could be stubborn, the gang was too. They had decided that this was to be the last attempt. If it was unsuccessful, the decision was no longer theirs to make.

Buffy was in her kitchen when there was a knock at her door. She went to answer, forgetting to put down what she had in her hand in her speed.

She opened the door, and when she saw who was there it was a shock.

"Hi, Buffy," said the man.

"Hi." was the only word she could say.

There was a silence, and "I know it's a long time, and I should have at least called you, but I thought it was better if…" he was very uncomfortable, not only with the conversation but also with the fact that he was still outside and she seemed not likely to invite him in. *At least, she did not slammed the door at my face when she saw me,* he thought, trying to reassure himself.

Buffy took a deep breath, blinked her eyes and *No, he's not a dream; he's still here.*

"Yes, Giles. It's been a long time," she whispered.

"May…May I come in?" He was very uncertain whether she would let him enter.

She nodded, shyly. Entering the house, his attention was attracting by the 'object' in her hand.

"You do some babysitting?" he said, using his head to indicate the bottle she had in her hand.

Watching what had attracted his attention, she looked at him and replied, simply, "No."

He was totally surprised by her answer.

A baby's cry from the kitchen startled her back to the present. "I need to…" she said, looking at the kitchen.


The two went to the kitchen. Giles stopped at the door with stupefaction when he saw the basinet.

End Part 1
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