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Buffy came in the house tired,she dropped her keys on the nearby
table. Today was the day from hell, she exclaimed. All she wanted
to do was take a bath and relax. Who would have thought being a
martial arts instructor would be so tiring? Luckily, she had the
house all to herself. Dawn was spending the weekend at a friends
house, which she was all happy about. To her life was good, no
slaying, everyone was alive and well living their own lives. She
still kept in touch constantly with Willow, Xander, and surprisingly
Faith. Their relationship was slow on the mending, but through
talking and communicating they were closer than ever. The potentials
went home or on the he Hellmouth in Cleveland. No more wight on her
shoulders, no ending of the world, just peace. Her thoughts turned
to Giles; just thinking about him made her smile. He was in England
heading up the New Council of Watchers, they keep in touch via
email, or video mail. To her it wa not the same, she missed being
with him, enjoying tea and just mocking him. Like she told him and
of course Angel she needed to find herself, and get away from the

Buffy was lonely, that's one word to describe her. She dated men
time and time again,but they weren't Giles. Before she decided to
head for the bath, she sat in front of her computer and turned it
on. Being curious she wondered into the Single and Looking for Love
Chatroom. She needed a chat name, she thought long and hard until
she came up with one.

LonelyHeart: Hi sexkitten welcome to the room
Candyrain13: yeah welcome A/S/L
Sexkitten69: 23/Female/Rome
ruffrider: Rome huh? Must be nice.
Sexkitten69: Yeah it is, I would like to say.

Giles was sitting in his office bored. All business was taken care
of and he was sure that he was the only one left in the compound. He
found it kind of lonely, being in England everyone is doing their
own thing. Willow was in Atlanta, working for the GBI(Georgia
Bureau of Investigations), Xander moved back to California doing
contract work, Giles always knew he had potential to make something
of himself. Finally his mind wandered to Buffy, he was so proud of
her. Being the oldest slayer on record and living a normal life.
She has come along way from that defiant girl who rejected her
calling he first met. Nope she turned into a independent lovely
young woman. He was surprised when he told her she was a martial
arts instructor, he thought she would choose something else. Dawn
was in school, top of her class and a handful for Buffy.
Like 'Monkey see, Monkey Do', but she is different from Buffy in
some ways. He had been in love with Buffy since she walked into the
library, although he couldn't do anything about it because she was a
minor. She was so close, but so far away, she always had a boytoy on
her arm. That pillock Angel, All American Soldier Boy, Spike
(EWWWW!!!), then the Immortal. Honestly what was she thinking,
shouldn't she had learned her lesson from the first vampire. He
turned to his computer without thinking he entered a chatroom. I
must be terribly desperate, he thought, I need a sign in name.
Thinking for a minute:
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