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Author: Tygerlily
Email: Angelusblood@yahoo.com
Disclaimer: Joss & co. own 'em all. They just let me borrow them.
Distribution: Usual suspects! Anyone else just ask…
Spoilers: The gang is still in High School, S3 around 'Helpless'
Rating: Nc-17
Warning: Extremely dark, this does not involve our usually Watcher and Slayer. This is your warning now! Our usually happy, kind and caring Watcher and Slayer do NOT exist in the Almaverse. Soooo if this isn’t your cup of tea I suggest you look elsewhere.
Summary: Changes occur for the Watcher and Slayer
Feedback: It is welcomed, but if you flame please make it a small one
Author Notes: Angel is gone, don’t know how and do any of us really even care... I didn’t think so. Also there is NO Faith for the purpose of my story. Okay I’m pretty sure that’s it.

Prologue - Morte Escurecida


The sky was a murky gray and as the rain fell, Buffy Summers, Vampire Slayer looked on as her Watcher was laid to rest for the last time. Family, friends even some students and teachers attended the funeral, though none of it mattered and they all seem to fade away into the background.

She stood alone, apart from the rest hearing the soft murmur of the people around her. No one dared to go anywhere near her not even Willow or Xander; she hadn't spoken a word since the police came to her door telling her that Rupert Giles was dead. They continued to speak to her about what they found and what might have happen to him but she couldn't hear them. All she understood was that her Watcher was dead.

After coming back from L.A., Giles was the only one who welcomed her opened arms. Their relationship grew over the past couple of months and new feelings were beginning to surface. She was seeing her Watcher in a new light and she told him so. Needless to say at the time he became flustered and stuttered profusely. Though in the end he did admit that his feelings for her were far from a father's love…

Giles always being the more cautious decided that even though she was eighteen that they should wait until graduation until they made their relationship public.

So here she stood, strongest Slayer to ever walk; burying her beloved Watcher. The mourners began to disperse but the distraught Slayer stayed and as the rain fell and the last person turned and left. Buffy Summers dropped to her knees beside the fresh grave and finally let the tears fall.


End Prologue
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