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Another kiss Another kiss 477x450 43 kB

Giles from "Hush" and Buffy from "Something Blue"

(Used for the new splash pic)

The Kiss The Kiss 500x271 21 kB

Giles from "Enemies" and Buffy from "Doomed"

(Made for Valentine 2001 and used again and again ever since ;)

February 2001 February 2001 372x764 50 kB

Giles from "The Prom" and Buffy from a Promo, base pic a shot of Courtney Thorne-Smith and Dough Savant

(Made for the February 2001 calendar)

Cordelia's Premiere Cordelia's Premiere 462x532 36 kB

Maybe it happens when Angel Investigations rescues a producer (and Giles lets Buffy dress him ;)

Both from public appearances. (Cordelia is a scan from "Seventeen")

Smut Smut
Smaller, sharper 400x338 26 kB
Bigger, less sharp 700x593 46 kB

Giles from The Prom. Buffy/Riley from The I in Team

Serious Look Serious Look 600x469 36 kB

Giles from The Prom and Phases

Buffy from the B/X Phases scene

(Un)dress me (Un)dress me 800x600 42 kB

Giles from The Dark Age. Buffy/Ethan (!!) from Halloween

This is in wallpaper format and softened and colored because the quality was just too bad...

Let me kiss you... Let me kiss you... 628x429 33 kB

Giles from The Prom

Buffy/Riley from Superstar (Screenshot from Your daily caps)

The Look The Look 636x507 29 kB

Giles from Dead Man's Party (head) and Passion

Buffy from Superstar (Screenshot from Your daily caps)

Lap Lap 347x397 24 kB
Buffy/Angel promo, Giles' head from Enemies
A quiet moment A quiet moment 364x400 31 kB
This was a shot of Buffy and vamped Angel. Replaced Angel's head with Giles from The Prom.
In bed In bed 575x428 30 kB

Buffy/Riley from The I in Team (Screenshot from Your daily caps)

Giles from The Prom

At the Prom At the Prom 400x408 24 kB

How it should have been.

Buffy and Giles from The Prom

In the Hall In the Hall 350x361 17 kB
Buffy and Giles from Helpless
A dream come true... A dream come true... 500x361 17 kB
Giles from The Dark Age, Buffy from Welcome to the Hellmouth
Almost Almost 584x440 21 kB

I gave up on the kiss, but this is kind of nice, too, isn't it?

Giles from The Dark Age, Buffy from Dead Man's Party

Down Down 483x371 15 kB

I like that a lot because it's really 'shippy, unfortunately you can hardly recognize Giles.

Buffy from Ted, Giles from The Dark Age

Lean Lean 576x448 19 kB

In The Dark Age it's Jenny/Eyghon.

Here it's a Buffy from Passion.